Bryan Kollar, Web Designer, Author

Hello! I am the designer of this website, as well as many others. I am also trying to become a world famous author! (Yeah, right). My first book was released January 2014!
Click my photo for more information. Also, embarrassingly enough, I keep track of a lot of things. Lists. My wife makes fun of me for it, but do I care? No. I call it being organized. Click my photo to see a list of every single book I ever read. Every CD that I have. Every concert that I went to. I’m not that bad, am I?

Family related stuff

Whenever someone makes
 the news, I will post it here for safe keeping! Also the story of how my wife and I met.

Fun Stuff!

So many unique flash-related fun things to do! A small collection i found all over the Internet.

The Good Ol’ Northeast PA

I have lived in Pennsylvania all my life. This is a favorite section of mine. Before & after pictures of NEPA. What makes this so unique is that you will see an old picture - hover your cursor over it, and up comes the photo of what it looks like today! Same exact location. Also you will find over 150 old pictures of 10 different cities in NEPA, the Kirby Park Zoo (YES, there was a zoo at Kirby Park), awesome before & after pics of Concrete City, and more! 

FREE Online Organizer

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Flash-Style games

Sure, its not Call of Duty-type games, but these games are still fun and addicting!

Awesome Websites

A collection of pretty wild websites I came across.


Recently I traveled to England for a nice three week vacation (July 13th through August 1st, 2014). I usually go every 2 years. Afterall, that’s where my wife and kid are from. This is the third time I went back there. Every time I go I am amazed at how many differences there are between the US and UK. I decided to put up just a FEW of the many. How many did you realize there were out of these? How many more can you think of?

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