How my wife and I met

Amazing story, that's for sure....

I was talking to this amazing woman in an on-line chat room. She was from the United Kingdom. We started talking in March of 2007. We talked every single day for hours upon hours in this chatroom for literally 8 hours a day. Since I was working a help desk job and was allowed to do whatever I wanted as long as I got my work done, we chatted via keyboard the entire time. We became closer and closer. So close, that Dec 8th, 2007, her and her son flew all the way over to the United States  to me to see me! They were only supposed to stay 1 month, but we got along so incredibly well, we just couldn't be apart. So, they stayed an additional 2 months!

The weekend before they HAD to go back to the United Kingdom, I proposed to her at Red Lobster. Of course she said yes, but unfortunately, they still had to go back to the UK because of the whole visa & passport thing. They couldn't come back for a full year. While they were away, I designed a website message board/chat room type thing so we can leave messages to each other about different things like how the paperwork was coming along, etc. ( Since I didn't have that job anymore, I couldn't talk for that long every day - and with them being away for a year and me not being able to chat with her like I had been, it was very difficult. The hardest year of my life.

But after that year, with all the paperwork completed, they were able to stay permanently. They gave up their entire lives for me.

Its amazing what the Internet can do.... I never felt so incredibly happy in my entire life!

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