Pittston Post Office (1950, 2013)

Water Street Pittston (19xx, 2013)
Amazing! Again, look at the steeples in the back. They even changed a lot!

Olympic Diner, Main St. W-B (1980’s?, 2013)
Too bad the trees are in the way. You can see the same design of the red building on the left.

North River Street between Market and Union looking north
(1920, 2013)

Stegmaier Brewery (April 21, 1975, 2013)
Unfortunately, Google Maps wouldn’t let me stand any farther back to get an exact shot. Still good enough? :)

Kirby Park entrance (1920s, 2012)

Kings College, North Main St. Wilkes-Barre (June 1975, 2012)

East Northampton St., Heights Section of W-B (Late 1920’s, 2012)

Public Square, looking west (late 1920’s, 2012)
Notice how I was able to get the archway in the door to the right exact? This is the exact spot. :)

Market Street looking towards Wilkes-Barre

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