Old Ashley Elementary School, Main Street, Ashley (9/18/78, 2009)
The steps to the old school are still there

Market St. Nanticoke (9/18/78, 2009)

Market St. Bridge, W-B (9/23/78, 2008)
Another pefect shot! Look at the eagle on the bridge all the way down the street.

Market St. Bridge, W-B (1936, 2012)

West Market St., W-B (1885, 19xx, 2012)
Another 3-part picture! Look at the pic below, when you had enough, put your cursor over it, and then when your done being amazed, move your cursor away.

Wilkes-Barre Music Hall (1890’s, 2012)
This is before the Hotel Sterling was there!

Building of Market St. Bridge (19xx??, 2012)

143 Mill St., Pittston (1958??, 2012)
Looks like they re-did the siding on that house in the center. Again, lined up perfectly.

Apollo Apartments, Pittston (April 1967, 2012)

Church Street looking north from William Street. Reap Mansion on the right; St. Casmir's in the distance, steeple lined up exactly

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