Good ‘ol Northeastern Pennsylvania 

Yes, there was a zoo in Kirby Park ages ago! There are still remains.... Check out this interesting website that tells about it. Shows the remains of the building structures now. Your probably thinking “There’s no remains of a zoo at Kirby Park”. Well, there is! If you go under the bridge and take the walking path, you will see them. Pretty incredible if I do say so myself.

In this section is pictures of amusement parks I used to go to as a kid that no longer exist. Here you will see pictures of the park when it existed, and also how it looks “now”.

This seems to be everyones favorite section! Simply hover your cursor over an old-time photo. When you do...
immediately you will see what it looks like ”today,” standing from nearly the same exact on most photos!

Keep moving your cursor back and forth over the picture to see the differences - before and after! You can literally spend hours doing this - back and forth, back and forth!

Pretty cool eh? See a tiny sample below!

This awesome place built in the 1920s, now mostly used for people playing paint ball games, this is truly a cool section to see. Check these before and after photos. Just like the previous section, there is an awesome feature on this part of the website too where you hover your cursor over the photo from the 1920s and move it away to see todayť photo (2007) pop up.

A huge photo gallery of photos from 10 major cities in Northeast PA - Ashley, Avoca, Center Moreland, Dallas, Exeter, Kingston, Luzerne, Nanticoke, Nuangola, Pittston, Plymouth, and Wilkes-Barre. Nearly 200 photos!

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