Whenever I come across a page that makes me go “WOW”, I include it in my cool pages list.

DFilm - An amazing site that you can create a mini cartoon and email it. Full animated characters. Choose from dozens of different characters, backgrounds, scenery, and more!

Graffiticreator - Create your own name in awesome graphical colors. Even download the software for free to do this offline!

Talking Woman - Make this woman say anything you want, or change her voice to a mans voice, or have her say anything in a different accent. Possibilities are endless, and minutes of fun! :)

Family Watch Dog - Is there a child molester in your neighborhood? no? Are you sure? Check out this site to make sure!

Inter-Face - Interface with this “face” - Just a face starting at you, click on different parts of her face. Odd!

Free Printables - Everything you could possibly want to print - Business cards, fax cover sheets, stationary, calendars, labels, maps, etc.

Trim Midi files - Need to trim a midi file? Do it here online, quick & easy!

mp3cut.net - Trim MP3 files online

Realistic Spider - Awesome tarantula! Drag its feet around.


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