The Diner Olympic on S. Main St. Wilkes-Barre


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  • Ronald  Richard Kane on 2015-Feb-09 10:32:44 Ronald Richard Kane said

    This was Handley's Diner before it was The Olympic
  • Heather Morgan on 2016-Jan-11 20:13:22 Heather Morgan said

    This building is now in the Art Deco District near South Beach in Miami, FL. It is called the Eleventh Street Diner. It has been there since about 1992 and a Gloria Estafan video was partially filmed there. I've been to it in PA and in FL! Memories of my childhood!
  • Ed Connor on 2017-Aug-26 17:28:26 Ed Connor said

    Good one Heather! That's great that they preserved it. Here's the Google Maps link to the diner.,-80.1322792,3a,75y,206.07h,71.28t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s11smSD2_UniFD2igDHiQvA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  • Ed Connor on 2017-Aug-26 17:34:26 Ed Connor said

    It looks exactly the same.
  • Diana on 2018-Apr-07 03:12:00 Diana said

    No one called The Olympic diner, the diner olympic. I went here when it was in wilkes-barre Pa. Everyone Misses it since the 80's
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  • Jerry  McHale on 2018-May-20 14:20:22 Jerry McHale said

    Building to the left is the old Consolidated Cigar Factory. I think most of the "old timers" remember the diner as the Hanley diner
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    Abe shook hands with Xi and exchanged greetings followed bya brief discussion before a plenary session of the Group of 20meeting in St Petersburg, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Sugatold reporters. The informal chat yesterday was the firstmeeting between the two leaders.
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    A Social Impact Task Force made up of senior analysts has been "working to make use of the wellbeing data" across government. Most departments are now "engaged in wellbeing research" - conducting their own surveys to explore the impact of policies in areas such as housing, crime, adult learning, sport, culture and health.
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    The former prime minister is facing an increasing amount of dissent from within his own party. His critics say the government should be focusing on the country’s problems rather than Berlusconi’s.
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    “Right now, I’m warming up, doing individual (drills) and it’s a process from there on out,” he said. “So I doubt by the end of the preseason, I’ll be at that point, but probably (I’ll be) relatively close.”
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    Senate Republicans, deeply skeptical of an unprecedented five years of ultra-easy monetary policy, will be eager to ask about an end to the Fed's bond buying, which has roughly quadrupled its balance sheet to around $3.7 trillion.
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    “One of the big things Apple’s pushing is that they want us to use the whole screen,” said Brenden Mulligan, co-founder and chief executive of photo-sharing app Cluster. His company, for example, displays collections of photos in large frames, with text overlaid on the photo to give the image extra room on the screen.
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    "On a day-to-day basis, a lot of people who aren't diagnosed with a specific illness may not know the importance of protecting yourself against these pollutants. Insult to your airways on a repeated basis can lead to dire consequences," said Rizzo, section chief of pulmonary/critical care medicine at Christiana Care Health System, in Wilmington, Del.
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    “That’s not a smart thing to say,” Coughlin said. “He’s on the field. The quarterback was sacked seven times and hit probably, what, 15 times? Not a very smart thing to say. I’ll talk to him about it, sure.”
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    The issue came up again this week when Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch accused the United States of breaking international law by killing civilians in missile and drone strikes intended for militants in Pakistan and Yemen.
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    "You could restore access for a defined number of Iranian banks, as opposed to all of them, put limits on the size of the transactions that could be processed," the aide said. "You can calibrate it all kinds of different ways."
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    ESPN reported Milliner will receive a $7.588 million signing bonus that will be paid out in three installments -- Aug. 15, Oct. 15 and next March -- as well as roster bonuses of $485,505 in 2014, $971,010 in 2015 and $1,456,424 in 2016.
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    Robinson Cano certainly helped the cause with one big swing, turning the Yankees’ nightly 1-0 lead into a four-run cushion with his third-inning homer. But even before Lyle Overbay gave Nova a comfy eight-run lead with his sixth-inning grand slam, the pitcher had the look of a guy who wasn’t going to give up this lead.
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    Back in February, Con Ed and the New York Power Authority reported that it would cost $300 million just to prepare for Indian Point’s closure, paying for more energy-efficiency measures and paying more customers to curtail energy use when demand is greatest. Another $500 million would be needed to build new transmission lines and upgrade others.
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    Breaking the omerta that governs this sad fact, he pointed out that England have always been useless at international football (I paraphrase slightly), failing at every World Cup on foreign soil.
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    Across Fifth Ave., Physique 57 offers a stretch class of its own for $25. Clients take their places around the ballet barre as instructor Jessica Rochwarger leads them through typical yoga twists. Everyone wears socks and moves at their own pace.
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    To the south, Egypt, having just thrown out the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi, has an interim government — as fresh waves of protests roil the country. The cosmetically unfortunate fact that Kerry was yachting when the coup happened added to the perception that his eye was off the ball.
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    “They hacked into our Skype account about a week ago and sent a virus to all the contacts in it. Every time they do something like that, we know we are doing our jobs” said Summer Ajlouni, founder of Syria al-Shaab in a report by Dan Rather of HDNet.
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    Of course, all those advances apply to hitters as well, and it's likely that, in the near future, MLB's offense will once again course correct itself. Until that time, however, don't be surprised if days like Darvish's against Houston become closer to the norm than the exception.
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    "Cerebral organoids" formed after 15-20 days. These organoids had continuous tissue (neuroepithelia) around a fluid-filled cavity similar to a cerebral ventricle - a cavity in the brain that is continuous with the central canal of the spinal cord.
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    Remarks by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov signalled Russiais weighing its options after Snowden, who is stranded at aMoscow airport, broke three weeks of silence and asked forrefuge in Russia until he can secure safe passage to LatinAmerica.
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    The sources said that, while DoCoMo would not includeSamsung's Galaxy series in its smartphone promotion for thiswinter, it would continue offering the company's products whenthey are launched for the Japan market.
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    Audrey Kaplan, head of international equities at Federated Investors in New York, said the average currency hedge ratio for her portfolio has risen to about 20 to 30 percent from less than 5 percent before the financial crisis in 2007-2008.
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    Japan should also review its self-imposed ban on arms exports that has already been eased to let Japanese contractors participate in international projects and take new steps if needed, the ministry said in its report.
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    A social worker has struggled to piece together what happened to Boatwright before he was found unconscious in a room at Motel 6 on Feb. 28, as first reported by The Desert Sun. He carried four tennis rackets, two cell phones and a set of photographs.
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    They also suggested that companies should only win lucrative public sector contracts if they can prove that they pay their fair share of tax. The MPs argued that capital projects should be stopped if they are found to be poorly conceived and managed.
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    The images did indeed spread through the Bay Area high school, though it is unclear who initially sent them out. Pott was forced to endure taunts on Facebook, with classmates sending her messages saying things like, "u were one horny mofo," according to Rolling Stone.
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    "Maybe the Fed can openly say we think these activities aresystemically risky unless they're cut back but I don't knowwhat's going through the Fed's head," said one commodityregulation expert who declined to be named. "This came out ofthe blue. This has taken everyone by surprise."
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    Bruck stored all the dolphins’ signature whistles on his iPod and broadcast them through anunderwater speaker, taking note of the animals’ reactions. A dolphin’s identity is encoded in itssignature whistle, he said.
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    Mediobanca is one of four core investors indirectly owning ajoint 22.4 percent stake in Telecom Italia through holdingTelco. Mediobanca, which bought its stake at 2.8 euros a sharein 2007, wrote down the value of Telecom Italia shares to 0.5euros at the end of June, just below current market prices.
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    CME, founded by billionaire Ronald Lauder, has struggledwith falling television ad income in its six central and easternEuropean markets since the 2008 global financial crisis and isalso coping with a high debt load.
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    "Fred Olsen worked closely with the local health authorities, Rosyth Port Health and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency and, following a thorough onboard inspection, confirmed that they are satisfied with the containment and preventative measures being undertaken, and the ship was cleared to set sail for its next departure port, Dover, from where she will embark on a 16-night The Azores & The Canaries cruise, W1319, on October 3 2013," the spokeswoman said.
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    Some bond managers, including Gross, have been trying to settle investors' nerves, saying the flight from bonds, which pushed the yield on the benchmark 10-year U.S. Treasury note up 36 basis points to 2.49 percent in June, is overdone. Yields on bonds move inversely to their prices.
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    However, the company&#039;s terms of service state that it does not allow the development of "any third-party applications that interact with user content or the services without our prior written consent".
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    Towels are usually the item that straddles the do-I-don’t-I boundary, but from the hotels we spoke to, it is clear that these are certainly not yours to take. Despite a reported 68 per cent of British travellers confessing to towel theft, items that can and will be reused are out of bounds.
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    The Labour job description states that the specific responsibilities of the job involve ensuring "message discipline from the Shadow Cabinet and front bench teams" and the need to "improve language from the Shadow Cabinet and front bench teams".
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    On the sidelines is Buenos Aires' popular governor, DanielScioli. He is officially allied with Fernandez but could step upto represent the FPV and run for president if her candidates dobadly this year.
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    More than 70 people have been convicted or pleaded guilty inthe insider trading probe. Jiau's trial was the first to focuson expert networking firms, which match industry experts withmoney managers seeking information about industries.
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    But if you were one of the lucky gals who did purchase the original version of the much sought after dress—or royal blue just really isn't your color—the collection will also offer a variety of frocks in punchy prints and bold colors. 
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    No, I'm not particularly sporty Brown, 24, is expected in a Los Angeles courtroom Friday to possibly set the date for a probation violation hearing he still faces as a result of the car accident, as well as claims that he misreported his community labor.
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    I used to buy all my computers from Gateway, which I also ordered at work, but that all changed when Gateway started going down Dell’s path of using proprietary components that have replacement parts you can only get from the manufacture, who might even discontinue them at any time and recycle the parts instead of placing them with a third party specialty reseller. The mainframe computer companies that delved into making PC’s were even worse than dell as far as going deeply proprietary without good reason. Remember how the Microchannel Bus from IBM left behind the PC compatible standard minus IBM made PC’s. Consumers if given a choice want standards for parts that fit the entire industry and facilitate price competition as well as constant upgradeable components.
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    The company is expected to set the size of its multi-tranchebond deal at between $45 billion to $49 billion, market sourcesclose to the deal said on Tuesday, making it the biggestcorporate bond issue on record by some distance.
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    Billabong said on Tuesday it was issuing Altamont CapitalPartners share options for 15 percent of the company in exchangefor a A$325 million bridging loan facility and was also sellingthe private equity firm its DaKine business for A$70 million.
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    The improved weather bode well for Friday's main event, the evening Way of the Cross procession re-enacting Christ's crucifixion, held improbably at Copacabana, ground zero for hedonism in the city. It will be a chance for Francis to show his more spiritual side, a day after he demonstrated his rebel streak by urging young Catholics to shake up the church and make a "mess" in their dioceses by going out into the streets to spread the faith. It's a message he put into practice by visiting one of Rio's most violent slums.
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    The O'Reilly affidavit was published last year by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency but with names of many individuals redacted, including those of Weisel and Gorski, two leaders of the for-profit company that bankrolled Armstrong's success.
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    Now the AMR/U.S. Airways merger is on the table. It is needed to restore the competitive balance among the majors. Other than some minor adjustments in landing slots, it seemed to make good sense for the consumer. Suddenly there are objections from DOJ. Is someone from the United/Continental team pulling strings here?
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    Now Miliband may be hoping that the fuss being made by company bosses - and not just those of the power giants - over his proposal to temporarily remove the right to set energy prices, will in time die down.
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    The elevator business is the world's fourth-biggest behindOTIS, Schindler and Kone. It has annual sales of 5.7 billioneuros and is seen as a cash cow. But breakneck expansion hasleft it with a cumbersome mix of brands and product lines.
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    The allegations include Castellan/Liberty failing to provide renewal leases, charging false fees and asking tenants with existing leases to prove their income or immigration status — all illegal actions, according to the Cuomo administration. Some tenants said they were threatened with eviction because of their immigration status.
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    Elkington’s original Tweet, posted on Friday evening, was soon deleted. However, a second Tweet appeared on his Twitter account on Saturday morning, claiming that “a couple of caddies got rolled by some Pakis...” That post was also removed soon afterwards.
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    "We expect to see further declines in spreads, especially insubordinated and preferreds issued by banks, because these arethe areas that were most beaten up in recent months byexpectations that the 10-year (Treasury yield) was going above3%," said one debt capital markets coverage banker specializingin the Financial Institutions Group (FIG) sector.
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    The men -- who were matched for body weight, fat distribution and social factors such as education level -- were asked to rate their hunger before and after a meal while blood samples were taken to test ghrelin levels.
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    Israeli defense officials last week confirmed that a security team arrived in  Nairobi within hours of the hostage crisis at the Westgate Mall. The officials said the team advised Kenya authorities on the terrorist standoff at the upscale mall and did not include combat units.
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    Despite their differences the majority still have a deep belief in the unity and social fabric of the state, which is why despite being subject to intense social and economic pressures society has never broken down in Egypt as it has done elsewhere. One can only hope that stability holds during the current crisis.
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    The free, unlimited wireless is available to Internet service customers of Time Warner Cable, Cablevision, Comcast and smaller companies such as Cox and Bright House Networks. Subscribers can use free, unlimited Internet service on smartphones, tablets and laptops.
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    The Paris-based OECD published letters from Europeancompanies including Diageo and Gazprom and groups representingthe biggest U.S. multinationals asking it to reconsider proposedmeasures on transparency and on tackling tax avoidance, sayingthe plans could hit trade and investment.
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    The new models come at a critical time for Hyundai and Kia, which are trying to rebuild their reputation after a massive recall in the United States and an embarrassing admission that their much-touted fuel mileage claims were overstated on more than one million cars.
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    Testifying at Senate confirmation hearings last week, Samantha Power was particularly muscular in discussing the most persistent of UN’s treacheries — its active assaults on the standing and very legitimacy of Israel.
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    "The second is productivity," he said in an interview."Getting more out of your existing people, your equipment andyour infrastructure. Productivity will deliver more benefitsover time, but takes a little more time to be done."
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    Meanwhile, sperm whales roast themselves to activate a protective stress response in their skin, while fin whales had the most melanin in their hides, giving them extra protection from sun lesions. 
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    “There’s no place in this debate for hateful or ignorant comments from elected officials,” Boehner said as he opened his weekly news conference at the Capitol. The sharp words were aimed at Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, who stirred controversy earlier this week when he said the children should not be given special legal status because “for everyone who’s a valedictorian, there’s another 100 out there” who bring drugs across the border.
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    SEC Commissioner Luis Aguilar said unscrupulous operators could use investment crowdfunding to prey on "vulnerable segments of society." The system could enable "affinity fraud," he said, with promoters appealing to members of ethnic or religious groups to which they portray themselves as belonging.
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    A hurricane watch is in effect from Grand Isle, Louisiana, eastward to Indian Pass, Florida, and a tropical storm watch from west of Grand Isle to Morgan City, Louisiana, and for metropolitan New Orleans, Lake Maurepas and Lake Pontchartrain.
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    Ryan will have to rejuvenate this defense without one of its young starters, Quinton Coples, for now. The DE/OLB suffered a hairline fracture in his ankle during the Jaguars game and will have a medical procedure on it Tuesday. The team declared Coples out indefinitely. Antwan Barnes and Ricky Sapp will be hitting the field more often in Coples’ absence.
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    Perhaps more significant is the way in which English identity shapes attitudes to constitutional questions. The English, put bluntly, are discontented with their lot. That feeling of discontent has much to do with devolution. People in England think devolution has given Scotland unfair advantages.
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    The U.S. will likely release the number of troops that will stay behind by the fall, said Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, commander of the International Security Assistance Force, via conference call from Kabul Tuesday morning. Dunford says he will be able to make a recommendation to the president at that time.
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    The median of their projections for 2016 judged that overnight fed funds rates would have reached 2 percent by the end of that year, when the central tendency of their forecasts for inflation was 1.7 percent to 2.0 percent.
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    South Africa is one of the most unequal countries in the world and more needs to be done here and in Africa to follow the example set by former President Nelson Mandela to build bridges, the founder of an organization that recognizes excellence in African leadership said Saturday.
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    Tsvangirai's party is expected to lodge a case with Zimbabwe's newly-created supreme court for the result to be overturned. But since the court is run by an ally of the president and recently ruled in his favor in a protest over the July 31 election date brought by the opposition, the case is not regarded as not likely to have a fair hearing.
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    Third Point's decision to sell shares of Yahoo comes as the struggling Internet's company's stock has surged more than 80 percent during the past 12 months, due largely to aggressive share buybacks and the value of Yahoo's Asian assets.
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    A man claiming to be a Turkish security researcher posted a video on YouTube and sent out comments on Twitter saying that he was responsible for the attack on Apple's developer site and had done so in a bid to publicize a security bug.
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    The FTSE was down 2.4 points, flat in percentage terms, at6,617.19 points at 1019 GMT. It rebounded from an intra-day low,at 6,598.64, after data showed British industrial output rosemuch faster than expected in June.
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    Postponing the state visit was a rare and diplomaticallysevere snub by Brazil. While foreign leaders frequently visitthe White House, state visits are reserved for special occasionsand include an elaborate state dinner. No new date has been set.
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    It was a triumphant tour. The Duchess was a great success and the absent infant Elizabeth (described as “the world’s best known baby”) made them a focus of tremendous attention and affection and recipients of three tons of presents for her that were distributed to needier folk. They were away for six months. To modern parents that may seem unthinkable but to the royals then it was just doing what comes naturally.
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    A much more focused sports car than other similarly priced coupés, such as Audi’s TT, the GT86’s steering is direct and feelsome, the manual gearshift precise and the seating position low-slung. However, it does wear low-rolling resistance tyres so its limits can be reached at moderate speeds.
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    "This rally appears to be being driven by the sight ofcompanies beating lowered earnings targets, and markets stayingexuberant because they've navigated a lower bar," MichaelHewson, senior market analyst at CMC Markets, said.
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    If you think of the economy as a ship, then what the Obama administration inherited was a crippled vessel, still afloat, but badly damaged from a serious fire in the boiler room. It had fallen to the Bush administration to actually put out the fire, which they did. And so the Obama administration set to work trying to fix the ship, with things like the original stimulus package. And they also had to fix up the damaged boiler room, and ensure that it would never again explode in such a devastating manner. That was the job of Dodd-Frank, as well as Basel III.
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    Israeli settlements on land taken in 1967 are a war crime known as ethnic cleansing. The EU is merely enforcing the mandate of the World Court. It may be necessary to remove Israelis by sanctions, blockades, or wars.
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    So now what do they do? He’s still the face of the franchise, but the wrong one. Forever branded as a steroids cheat and a liar, Braun is reviled all over baseball and hated in his own clubhouse — he did himself no favors with his betrayed teammates by issuing a statement after his suspension, skipping town and leaving them to answer all the questions of the media hordes — and he can now look forward to being booed and vilified in every ballpark in baseball for the rest of his career.
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    Across the industry, executives are working to introduce newproduction techniques such as 3D printing, accelerate softwaredevelopment, switch to lighter materials that reduce fuel use,and leverage computer systems to streamline maintenance.
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    “The suicide bombers [sic] intention is to kill numerous soldiers to prevent the attack to save his fellow people the following day,” Hasan wrote. “He is successful [sic]. His intention was to save his people/fellow soldiers and the strategy was to sacrifice himself.”
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    My first health tip to all of my patients regardless of their age or weight is to stop drinking sodas, sports drinks and other sugary beverages. It’s one of the simplest things that they can do for their health.
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